Jewelry Care

Congratulations on your new jewelry from STINE A Jewelry

We want your jewelry to keep their shine and beauty. Below is some advice to follow on how to care for your jewelry.

Your new jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and plated with 18 carat gold or black or white rhodium.

All jewelry will in time become worn and the plating will wear off. Therefore, we advise that you do not wear your jewelry when cleaning, dishwashing, bathing or doing sports or gardening or when sleeping. Additionally, do not expose jewelry to contact with make-up, hairspray, creams and perfumes as they can speed up the tarnishing process

The jewelry will react to air, oxygen and moist in the air and will become dark. This is inevitable as this is a natural process with metals. We recommend that you keep your jewelry in a plexiglass box or in tightly closed zip-bags in a dry place when the jewelry is not in use.

Additionally, the durability of a jewelry depends on a person’s PH value and it is therefore different from person to person how a jewelry ages and lasts.


Welcome to the STINE A Jewelry universe.




STINE A Jewelry designs jewelry in precious metals and gemstones, as well as zirconias. We believe that precious metals make a jewelry extra exclusive – and the high quality in materials guarantees longer durability.

Alle STINE A jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and plated with either 18 carat gold (585) or black or white rhodium. The platings are between 1-3 microns – depending on the specific piece of jewelry.

STINE A Jewelry prefers a silk finish on all jewelry as it gives a more exclusive look. This is most evident in the gold plated and white rhodium sterling silver jewelry pieces. All our jewelry is free of nickel in accordance with Danish law. All jewelry is controlled by FORCE Technology and registered with the name stamp SAJ (Stine A Jewelry). FORCE Technology has been appointed by the Danish Government to control that the metal in the jewelry follows the Danish law. All Stine A jewelry is stamped with name and purity stamp.


Warranty & rights of return



When shopping at STINE A Jewelry we offer you a two-year warranty on all jewelry based on the following conditions:

We differentiate between manufacture flaws and normal wear and tear. Please read more below. Upon complaints, we either fix the jewelry or exchange for a new item.


What is a manufacturing flaw?

Manufacturing flaws cover flaws on gemstones or cast/molding flaws in the material. During the two-year warranty period, we cover all manufacturing flaws.


What is considered wear and tear?

Wear and tear means that the jewelry has been used over a longer period. Wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. Damages caused by misuse and abuse of the product is not covered by the warranty. Jewelry that has been surface treated (e.g. gold plated or black rhodium) will in time become worn. This means that the plating will come off eventually the more you use the jewelry. This is considered wear and tear and is not covered by the warranty.

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